Our focus is on Organizational success in all its facets. We achieve our objective by providing:

Strong Leadership

essential to harsh competitive environment in which we operate. (Marine Petroleum Industry
- Energy Sector, Marine Non Petroleum Sector, Civil and Mechanical Engineering).

Lean Business Operations

no frills approach to managing process and operating activities. High cost areas are properly controlled
to ensure value for money. Equipment sourcing is given an international approach for quality products.
Our expediting and negotiating skills are utilized to the highest to ensure there are no budget over runs.


is the result of an effective approach to the economics of doing business generally.


comes from our work ethics and scheduling to meet deadlines with each new Project.


as opposed to Process-Oriented, our main focus is to add value to the system so as to
receive the rewards for so doing. Although we are results oriented we achieve our desired
success from our Organized Processes which are easy to understand and follow.

Our Structured Tactics

is based on both knowledge and experience of doing business in an environment that might be
alien to many, where only the best in the business can not only survive but prosper.

Strategic Leadership

Generally, we are in a position to provide Leadership to all our Partners, Associates and Customers
as well as those who provide us with the opportunity to serve them in a business related capacity.

We have adopted the virtual team concept which is fast becoming a viable and cost effective mode of delivery of Projects.

Virtual Teams operate on three (3) levels:

  • 1. Common Practices - Best practices used by Traditional Teams.
  • 2. Modified Practices - Small changes to traditional teams approach.
  • 3. Unique Practices - New Technology & New Approaches.

  • Joint Ventures (Local & Foreign).
  • Knowledge, Equipment & Facilities Sharing.
  • Project Partnering (Short-Term).


  • E-mail & Fax
  • File Transfer
  • Software Communication and Sharing
  • Technical Work - (CD-Down Load and Distribution)
  • Phone Conference
  • Video Conference
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