K.G.C. Company Ltd. operates and manages a wide range of equipment, machinery and marine vessels.
We maintain ownership of over 50% of the equipment. All others are retained through long term lease and by short term rentals.

Our flag ship and most active vessel, The Crane Barge (ZT_100) is a 300 Ton Crane Barge complete with Living Quarters, Full Galley
and Office Facilities; equipped to stay on location for weeks on time and capable of making heavy lifts for any offshore operations as well as dock side.

At present we provide support services locally as well as regionally.
To date we have completed projects in St. Vincent, Grenada, Suriname and Venezuela in the following areas:

• Heavy Lifts - Work over / Drilling Rigs and Platforms, Marine Civil Works and Offshore Construction
(platform building, jetty’s, piling well conductors, platform legs, sheet piling etc.) and dredging.

Additionally, the MV Shannon-100 (Tug/Utility vessel) currently provides support to offshore operations including drilling as well as construction.
This vessel can sleep more than twenty five persons, and we have found this to be quite an asset within our operations especially those in remote locations.

Our Land based operations consists of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Works and Equipment Rental.

During the last six months we have been involved with a number of offshore constructions' projects on behalf of Petrotrin Trinmar.
These projects included the on-land fabrication of well site conductors and the offshore installation, the construction and installation of
Platforms as well as Launch Landings. These jobs include all fabrication and welding, NDT, and abrasive Blasting and Painting.

K.G.C. Company Ltd. is well known for its quality performance (all of our operations are governed after a formal Quality Management System)
and its ability to meet and beat deadlines, thus ensuring a very cost effective operation.

We stand strong and firm in our commitment to a safe and secure work place and a healthy environment, our operations are also guided by a
world class Health and Safety Management Policy which is tailored after the ISO system.

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